Tuesday, July 22, 2014

N&S GAIA by Sidarth Sinha: Voice of sustainable style

Gaia, nature, sustainable fashion all tied together with a pretty ribbon to create what we know as N&S GAIA by Sidarth Sinha to convince us sustainability is the next big fashion fad. With clothes that speak of an avant – garde tone tied in with the sensibility of ready to wear; you can trust Sidarth Sinha and his label to live up to the statement “Fashion Is Art.”

We met Sidarth and Nathaniel in their modest work studio, with their team of artisans and weavers working on the fabrics from their next collection. What stood out was the array of beautifully crafted garments that filled the space. Sidarth draws inspiration from the northeast region of India, though not originating from the region; he shares much love and appreciation for their craftsmanship and creativity and strongly believe people should really start looking towards the east. Sidarth truly pays tribute to his inspiration and the environment by using natural organic fibers and natural dyes to produce fabrics for his garments. With impeccable draping, embroidery and pleating techniques, his garments are truly works of art. An N&S GAIA women is an inceptor, she is someone who wants to look chic while being environmental friendly and isn’t afraid to garner a bit of attention.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Frisky Sunday with amanté

Nothing gives me great pleasure than sharing this news about the collaboration with the lingerie brand amanté. To start off with, I'm an ardent lingerie buyer. I love collecting them in different prints, colors and patterns. Nothing can compare the kind of confident that oozes out of you when you step out of your house wearing a pair of sexy lingerie. And only somebody who wears one can tell the difference. Having said that collaborating with amanté was a dream come true for me.

If we look around these days we see lingerie worn as outerwear and it's trending everywhere from runways to red carpets and the streets. It is no longer a taboo to flash your bra under a sheer blouse, or wear it under your blazer. From celebrities to bloggers everyone is donning the look.

But one should always be careful while wearing a lingerie as an outerwear because you might end up looking trashy depending on how you go about it. And, yes, if done the right way it can be classy.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Dragging Him By Hand

It’s been a month since I’ve been following Murad Osmann on Instagram and his works leave me awestruck every time. Curiosity got into me and I started googling about him and his work. And this is what I found about the story behind his instagram project.

Murad Osmann and his partner Nataly Zakharova are passionate travellers. They’ve been travelling around the world since 2011. The whole photography project began when Nataly was growing frustrated with Murad always being preoccupied with his camera wherever they went. She literally resorted to dragging him by hand from place to place to keep them moving. It was that perspective of Murad being led by Nataly that inspired the ongoing photo series.

I cannot tell whether I’m charmed by his looks or his talent, but I’m definitely charmed by his love story.
So I decided to do my own “dragging him by hand” photo shoot with my boyfriend.

Check out his work here: http://instagram.com/muradosmann

Photo Credit: Na Lemtur


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Latin Quarters/Bloggers-Stylists Meet

Latin Quarters, India’s  well known high street fashion brand, recently organized Bloggers and Stylist Meet for the preview of their High Summer’ 14 collection in the most definitive style at their exclusive store at Promenade Mall, New Delhi. It was an enthralling event of unbridled fashion where the team of Latin Quarters took the bloggers and stylists through the latest collection.  

It was an evening filled with unlimited fun. The bloggers and stylists were engaged in interesting activities. A twitter contest was held for the bloggers where each blogger was to chose and style their new look from the new collection from the house of Latin Quarters with the brand’s hash tags. The guests with the maximum tweets and re-tweets were announced as the winner. The contest went on for the day and winner took the look created home. Both the bloggers and stylists enthusiastically participated in the activity organized. 

The collection consists of a wide range of pastels, neutrals, monochrome and graphical trends. The assortment’s was very-well appreciated and with the exiting twitter contest the exuberance and energy of the attendees could not be missed.

This is the look that I created and also the winning look for the LQ online contest.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

amanté Dare To Be

Premium international intimate innerwear brand, amanté, hosted society’s elite to a sophisticated evening of fashion.  The highlight of the evening was an impressive fashion show previewing the amanté upcoming luxury fashion collection.  The collection epitomized the brand’s new ‘Dare to be' outlook.  An indulgent wine and cheese pairing experience followed the fashion show. 
Spring/Summer 2014 saw amanté unveil an artistic collection featuring bold, new prints offset by soft, pastel hues, trendy stripes in cooling cottons, and delicate watercolour effects on floral prints. The artistic collection depicts the makings of whimsical fantasies intended first, in amante’s signature fashion, for the appreciation of the wearer themselves. 
amanté’s luxury lingerie collection is designed to cater to the numerous roles adopted by modern-day women.  A deep appreciation of the multi-faceted lifestyle and varied roles of Indian women allows the brand to tailor its designs to empower wearers, preserving their individuality, strength and confidence. 
amanté hints at exciting things to come in line with international fashion trends. Encapsulating the moods of every woman, the brand is set to capture vivacity through a strong play on colours while ultra feminity will be celebrated in classic style combining state of the art fashion technology. The brand plans to capture sophistication and glamour in an upcoming shimmering collection with another celebrating regal splendour.  Every collection is in line with the tastes of confident, independent women as have been the strong, festive colourings and gorgeous, feminine laces and sparkling foil effects of existing collections.  The designs embody the pure sensuality of the amanté brand, exuding lustre from within. 

About amanté: Launched in India in October 2007, amanté is Sri Lanka’s very first international lingerie brand, offering premium fashion forward lingerie to the modern Asian woman.  The Brand belonging to a subsidiary of MAS Holdings, South Asia’s largest supplier of niche market intimate-wear, amanté embodies 25 years of excellence held by the group in lingerie manufacturing. Their fully integrated supply chain and design offices in New York, London & Hong Kong offers a premium product set to the latest international trends and styling.