Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Hornbill Festival 2014

Connectivity, time and of course festivities kept me away from blogging, thus I apologize for the long silence. 
Like every year I spent my winter vacation with my family back home in Nagaland. The best time of the year I must say.

After much humming and hawing my boyfriend and I finally attended the Hornbill Festival at Kisama Village, Kohima.

Note. Our trip was one helluva noise. Two cars and eight people is no joke. 
More the merrier was more of a theme. And honestly we needed that break which we all so deserved.

Monday, December 29, 2014


Remember when Marc Jacobs put jeans underneath embellished semi sheer gowns at the Louis Vuitton s/s 14 show? that union was unexpected, perfect. The situation was quite similar when Dhruv Kapoor sent models looking a la mode down the runway in pajamas and flip flops paired with sharp tailored outerwear, and that was a beautiful union too.

The collection had a certain "purposely uncool" normcore feel to it featuring oversized trench coats and polo shirts over circle skirts, relaxed pants, sweat pants dress shirts and those Velcro flip flops. I know, most of us would prefer to never hear these editorial buzzwords again ( remember the sportluxe fad?) especially after high street retailers tear them to meaningless shreds. but Kapoor's take on the post - ironic, anti - fashion hipster trend is refreshingly new and nothing if not super cool. the s/s collection also pays homage to winter silhouettes using summer fabric in winter staples ( see bomber jackets and sweater like dresses in mesh, bonded vests and jackets.) with colors, prints and appliqués  that reminded you of an exotic tropical gastronomy. delicious.

Je nais se qoui (if I may), but mixing the sensibility of comfort lounge wear with the sartorial appreciation and elegance of luxury wear is sort of groundbreaking (at least in my books) and those who were present at the Dhruv Kapoor s/s 15 show would agree.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Hermès Aesthetics

So, recently I was invited to the annual Hermes silk ball. Yes, that happened! First thought? What a Perfect way to start off the party season.
The hermes silk ball is one of fashions most anticipated events held all over the world with the recurring theme of “beauty and the beast” at a masquerade, and this year the party came to the capital. The ball was held at the Leela palace, New Delhi on the 20th of November and it was of hermes proportions, it was everything one would expect from the French luxury fashion haus. The Leela ballroom was transformed into a mythical, magical wonderland with equal parts whimsy and fashion. You could almost breathe in the pseudo cirque du soleil vibe with models parading around with elaborate headgears (think fauns, birdcages, horses.) draped in hermes silk and dancers performing well thought out choreography. The low purple light even though horrible for capturing photos, did set a sexy, mysterious tone for the impeccably dressed men and women donning beautiful masks.

Friday, November 28, 2014


Yes, I stand tall with my six inch heels on. Are you intimidated?
I sometimes like to pair booty shorts with a crop top, because the weather demands it and frankly I think the look is cute.
No, I am definitely not asking for “it”.
I like to dish out an elaborate spread for a dinner party what can I say, I like a little culinary intervention.
I am not in a boot camp for future housewives.
I listen to top 40 pop hits circa 2000, who cares if it makes me look lame.
Maybe I enjoy a night in more than a night out, no I don’t think I am better than you folks who like to party like it’s the roaring twenties.
I strongly believe to be a woman is to be whoever you wish to be.
You can break the gender roles inflicted upon us by society for its convenience, make a change in the world so difficult for women or you can aspire to marry.
Hey, to each her own.
So, if you see a girl doing the walk of shame at 6 o’clock at the morning, if you know this girl who goes to church every Sunday morning religiously, if you are a little more sexually active or if I had my butt out, make sure you let them know it’s best if they #butt out

Monday, November 24, 2014


It's that time of the year again when you get excited and overjoyed to see your loved ones back home. “Family reunion”. Sigh!
I waited almost a year for this. Next week around this time I'll be planning and preparing for Christmas and New Year’s Eve with my family. Yoohoo.
Good meal, good company and endless recreations and discussions!
Watch the sunset, or, if the day is sunny and bright, sit outside and feel its warmth. Sit out by the outdoor fire pit in the evening and watch the night sky. The thought of it itself sounds so surreal.

This past week has been a roller coaster ride. Juggling between shoots, events, sourcing and shopping for everyone was so tiring. I won't deny the fact that I ended up spending more than needed in buying gifts for everyone, burning holes in my saving account. But nothing can compare/replace the smile that it brings on their faces; it just brightens up my spirit. Priceless.

Despite everything I'm dying to play with my nieces. It's one of the many reasons why I wish to be home.